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Wing-Walking “Wonder Woman” Hangs Off Airplane

If you could conquer your fears, what would you do?


Ashley Battles hung from a plane flown by pilot Greg Shelton during the Ilopango Air Show in El Salvador on Sunday. The daredevil stunt is part of an event to help raise money for the National Children Hospital Benjamin Bloom. Battles, a professional “wing-walker,” is secured to a rack as she moves on the wings, but has to climb from the cockpit onto the wings without a harness or net.

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‘Why Is Louisiana So Racist?’ Google Autocomplete Map Shows State Stereotypes

Where do you live? What is your state’s stereotype? How accurate is it? Does it offend you, make you laugh, make you uncomfortable? How do you represent yourself, and what does that say about the community you arise from?


The popular Twitter account @Amazing_Maps tweeted the below map, which shows Google autocomplete results for the query “Why is [state] so.”

New York and California are taken to task for being too expensive, while Illinois is called corrupt and Louisiana is called racist. The only states that come out looking okay are Oregon (“Why is Oregon so good?”) and Massachusetts (“Why is Massachusetts so smart?”).

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Dad Is Prepping Over 800 Napkin Notes for Daughter’s Lunchbox Before He Dies

While reading this, consider how you impact the lives of those around you every day. What will your legacy be? How will you be remembered? What would you like to change about how you might be remembered?


A father who has received three cancer diagnoses may not know how long he has to live, but in the time he has left, he is making sure that his daughter will find an inspiration message in her lunchbox every day until she graduates high school.

W. Garth Callaghan of Glen Allen, Virginia — aka “Napkin Note Dad” — has been writing tips and famous quotes on napkins and putting them in his daughter Emma’s lunchbox since she was in elementary school. Now his goal is to prepare 826 napkin notes, and photos on Imgur catalogue his progress, with help from the non-profit “because I said I would,” which promotes the importance of keeping promises. And recently, the 14-year-old has been writing napkin notes back to her dad, such as “an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards, so when life is dragging you back, it means it’s going to launch…

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